Corporate Days

Welcome to Sakura Therapies where we offer a wide range of effective holistic therapies to enhance well-being, ease pain, reduce and manage stress.

All our therapists are highly trained professionals and are fully insured members of the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) and MICHT members of the (International Council of Holistic Therapists) and are CRB checked.

We offer mini treatments lasting approximately 20 minutes which allows you to experience the sense of well-being and harmony; it is also an ideal way to find a treatment that best suits your needs.

The mini treatments are 20 minutes for £15 and you can choose from the following:

Full treatments can also be carried out, for prices and treatment length, please see our brochure.

The treatments are carried out on your premises and can be scheduled into the working day without compromising your daily planning; all that is required is a private area. Our therapists will treat each of your employees with strict confidentiality in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1984.

These treatments are very beneficial for anyone who has specific problems such as stiff aching muscles, high stress levels due to corporate deadlines, financial year ends or personal problems.

At Sakura Therapies our aim is to motivate and inspire employers and employees into a new lifestyle to help promote health and well-being.

All of us have times in our working lives when issues arise and although work related stress is not an illness, the psychological impact can contribute to problems with ill health. Stress has been associated with anxiety, depression, heart disease and back pain. It is unlikely that stress will ever leave the workplace, even under normal circumstances; the workplace is an inherently stressful environment but eliminating problems at an early stage well before they begin to affect productivity and performance at work is beneficial to all concerned.

Many companies large or small realize that the health and well being of their employers is a cost effective investment and at Sakura Therapies we are keen to help your employees improve their health and well-being, helping you to maximize productivity and profitability.

Here are few examples of why a healthy working environment can be of benefit to both employer and employee.

Sakura Therapies will come directly to your company and to special events, conferences, trade shows, product launch venues, promotional days and employee incentive days.

Many businesses both large and small have to operate in an increasingly competitive and stressful environment having small margins and tight cash flows.

Investors, suppliers and customers are beginning to take an interest in their companies; health and well-being incorporating measures for managing stress in the workplace. Happy, healthy employees make for a happy, healthy and productive company.

Alternative terms and conditions can be discussed

At Sakura Therapies our services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual, both the employers and employees.

 Complementary Therapies make you feel good as well as look good. They help to detoxify and rebalance you on the inside leaving you refreshed on the outside.